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Better Late Than Never


“Yeah…I mean, we get off school at three each day, and after two hours of homework, we can do anything we want…” At first, we thought they we so lucky — having five or more hours all free to do what they like, to immerse themselves in engineering, in sports, and even in video games while we studied hard till ten each day, arduously squeezing free time from our packed schedules.

The four American students we conversed with were very extroverted, cordial, and pleasant to talk to. We chatted about after school activities, STEM projects, and our devout desire in a good American college.Their plethora of endeavors, such as community service, internships, and STEM competitions were distinct and expressive, and reflecting upon ourselves, we find that we have few projects that can match their levels of creativity and vividness. Therefore, to have a strong competition at the “college entrance game”, it is crucial that our actions speak louder than our words. We need to develop all aspects of ourselves, getting good grades while having plenty of creative and distinct projects that can really show who we are.

As a fusillade of questions about our school were thrown at us, it began to dawn on us that we are also quite lucky in our own sense,and that our school is really doing everything to help us achieve our best self. As with American schools, we have uniquely tailored courses and clubs for everyone, and we can use all the exceptional resources at our school to help us in our pursuits for knowledge.

From this experience, I learnt a valuable lesson: better late than never. We might have started late — in the second semester of our sophomore year, but we can start creating our personalized portfolio, filled to the brim with actions that really defines us, and not just some numbers that everyone else has.








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